The farm


During opening hours we serve a seasonal lunch menu, using only local ingredients, in our cozy Stivetta – the kitchen and dining room at our Biohof Taratsch. Tasty dishes sourcing the finest from our farm, homemade desserts and ice cream creations, organic wines, regional specialty beers and an apéros of the day (gourmet appetizers with drinks) as well as homemade syrups, shrubs and specialty tea melanges.

The Stivetta is open in January and February as well as in July and August during the following opening times:



Friday 11.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am – 6.00 pm

Biohof Taratsch

We are pleased to take your reservation. A reservation is not necessary however.
Please call us directly if you want to make a reservation within 24 hours.

Stivetta - closed!

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Farm shop

Enjoy the culinary abundance of the Grisons Alps at home and check out our farm shop when visiting Lohn.

The farm shop is open to the public when the Stivetta is also open.

Biohof Taratsch


From growing and raising into the kitchen an on the plate

Farming, field and cuisine as a continuous cycle: my cooking philosophy already begins with sowing the seed and the organic cultivation of vegetables and crops, as well as respectfully raising our own cattle. For example, vegetables should be grown in healthy soil, using alternative, natural farming methods. So many flavor intensive and rare varieties exist to be rediscovered again, that are simply fantastic to cook and eat!

With nature directly in front of my eyes and nose, I process seasonal produce in such a way in the kitchen that the original tastes are preserved. Because I want to show how individual aromas, textures and subtleties unfold and harmonize together. How do small mountain potatoes, tender braised shank or black tomatoes taste when they are allowed to remain «themselves»? In addition, I combine wonderful natural herbs, wild vegetables and berries or the fragrances and aromas hidden in resin, wood and mosses.

The cycle closes on the plate and the full enjoyment of the delicacies – carefully prepared, pure and authentic in taste, esthetically presented and lovingly served, opens up.